Award Winning Images by Charnwood Photography

We regularly enter national and international competitions. For us, entering competitions is a way to keep honing our skills and testing out new styles and techniques. Skills that we can bring to our clients.

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March Results - 21 April 2021

This month appears to have been all about consistency - 9 Bronze Bars this month awarded by the Guild of Photographers.

More Kingfishers form my shoot earlier this year, plus evidence that we have been keeping in practice during the lock down, with a few self portraits from our small home studio.

Jason scored with his three landscapes taken in Anglesey back in September.

Which leaves my favourite of the batch, our own little Jack Russel happily posing on her own little doggie Chaise.

07 April 2021

I am so happy to have achieved a highly commended from the Photographic Societies this month. My first with the Societies. This image of female Kingfisher was taken in February when I spend 11 hours sitting waiting for this little lady to appear for just under 10 minutes in total. It was worth the wait tin the cold to capture an image like this.

Kingfishers mainly eat fish, but will also eat insects and tadpoles, etc to top up their diet. Diving into the water to catch a fish, the bird will perch on a nearby branch, where it repeatedly strikes the fish against the perch to kill it. The Kingfisher then manoeuvres the fish around so it can swallow it whole. Each bird must eat at least its own bodyweight of fish each day.

January 2021