Second Photographer

Two heads are better than one

Why have a second photographer?

A second photographer is another experienced photographer who works side by side with me on your wedding day. They are there to capture different angles, happenings, and moments that I might miss. They use professional equipment , just like mine.

A second photographer is the ideal way to take care of the groom shots when the guys are getting ready in a completely different location to the ladies.

The importance of Groom preparation shouldn't be overlooked. If you think about it, you'll realise how much it complements the story of your big day. It opens a candid window on your beloved getting ready to spend the rest of his life with you, the love of his life, and allows you to be a part of his preparations even though you couldn't actually be there with him.

A second photographer is also the ideal way to capture those candid moments from different shooting angles to the main photographer - they'll also capture extra shots that you otherwise wouldn't get, after all, your main photographer can't be everywhere at once!

£150 HALF DAY / £250 FULL DAY

What does a second shooter do on the wedding day?

Depending on how many guests you have and on how tight you are for time, here are some jobs of the second shooter on your day:

  • Document the getting ready of one spouse while I’m documenting the prep of the other
  • During the ceremony they will capture the reaction of your guest, the rear view of the bride walking down the aisle, while I focus on the bride an groom
  • A back-up photographer during the first kiss - we never want to miss that moment!
  • An extra pair of hands, useful for zipping up, pinning a boutonnière, finding forgotten bouquets and throwing veils into the air
  • Grabbing that stray family member to speed up the group shots so you can get on with enjoying your day
  • Capture all the details of the reception that you worked so hard on, the beautifully laid tables, the wedding favours, and of course the rings and flowers
  • They assist me in setting up the lighting for the more dramatic shots
  • Someone to sneak up behind the group shots being taken on a cell phone and snag a professional picture
  • Focus on the candid shots while I focus on the “bigger” moments!
  • Capturing guest interactions. This is where a second shooter can really make a big difference!